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Who We Are

We are a Hotel. Not just any, but we believe the best in Hua Hin.

We have 2 main buildings (B1 and B2) but also some appartments above the (next door) 7 11.

...and some appartments at our food Bazar (www.foodcourt.com) if you like live music.

Don't worry, you will sleep good, any time of the day.

Welcome to Baan Khun Por. Meet Khun Por (Mister Daddy). His Full name is Thanakrit Suttiteth, and is the general manager. He will not clean your room, but has personel that does that for you. As you can see, he is looking at it. While staying at us, he is like your daddy. Ensuring you have great stay.

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Where We Are

Distance from Bangkok: approximately 240 kilometers south of Bangkok

Premises location: downtown Hua Hin
Nearby places within 1- 2 k.m. from premises:
- Hua Hin Train Station
- Hua Hin Night Market
- Bangkok hospital
- BLUPORT Hua Hin Resort Mall
- Market Village Shopping Mall

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Useful information
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